Journal Publications

Below is a list of journals for articles produced from the papers presented at ICOMAA2021.

You can send your manuscript accepted in the conference to the following journals.

Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics (ESCI)
Sigma Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ESCI)
Istanbul Commerce University Journal of Science
Transactions Issue Mathematics
*Special issue: Trend Topics in Special Functions and Polynomials: Theory, Methods, Applications and Modeling Journal: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences (SCIE)
*Special Issue: p-adic Analysis and q-Calculus with Their Applications Journal: Axioms (SCIE)
*Special Issue: Applications of Symmetric Functions Theory to Certain Fields Journal: Symmetry (SCIE)
*Difference Equations, Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials Journal: Advances in Difference Equations (SCIE)

*Full versions of the paper containing the aims and scope of the special issues presented in the conference will be published in the special issues after undergoing review process.