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005PosterStability Result For Viscoelastic Moore-Gibson-Thompson Equation with Memory in the Whole SpaceBOUNADJA HiziaAlgeria
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008PaperA Note on Classical Schauder Fixed Point TheoryMerve Temizer ErsoyTurkey
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010PaperKorovkin type theorems and its applications via $alphabeta$-statistically convergenceNaim BRAHAAlbania
011Paperα-Dense Curves and Lipschitz Global OptimizationGuettal DjaouidaAlgeria
012PaperAn implicit-explicit local transform method for capturing stiff behavior of singularly perturbed boundary value problemsHüseyin TUNÇTurkey
013PosterA reading on Quasi M-Class Ak* OperatorsBenali AbdelkaderAlgeria
014PaperExistence Result for Elliptic Equation on Riemannian manifoldsOmar BenslimaneMorocco
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016PaperExistence results for a Nonlinear Fractional boundary value problemNoureddine BouteraaAlgeria
017PaperAnisotropic elliptic systems with non standard growthAhmed AberqiMorocco
018PaperCompactness of Hankel products and mixed Toeplitz-Hankel products on the Hardy space of the polydiskLakhdar BenaissaAlgeria
019PaperHermite-Hadamard Type Inequality for Generalized Exponentially p-Convex Stochastic ProcessesAuwalu Hamisu UsmanThailand
020PaperOn Innovations of the Multivariable Fractional Hardy-Type Inequalities on Time ScalesLütfi AkınTurkey
021PaperOn The Solution of Mathematical Problem Including Sequential Time Fractional Wave EquationMuharrem AkyolTurkey
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023PaperGrowth of solutions for fourth order viscoelastic systemFatma EkinciTurkey
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028PaperExistence and Decay of Solutions of Higher-Order Hyperbolic type Equation with Logarithmic NonlinearityYavuz DİNÇTurkey
029PaperGoodness Of Fit Testing For The Log-Logistic Distribution Based On Type I Censored DataSamah AHMEDQatar
030PaperModeling and Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of a quadrotor typeGhedjati KeltoumAlgeria
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037PaperBoundary Null-Controllability Results For The Fourth Order Parabolic EquationIşıl ÖnerTurkey
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039PaperAnalogs of Korovkin theorems and their statistical versoins in weighted grand Lebesgue spacesMigdad IsmailovAzerbaijan
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041PaperStability of solutions for a viscoelastic coupled Lame system with logarithmic source and distributed delay termsFares YazidAlgeria
042Papere-Projective ModulesMaryam BaradaranTurkey
043PosterExistence And Uniqeness Of Global Solution Of Stochastic Chemotaxis ModelAli SlimaniAlgeria
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051PaperSome Properties of eg-Supplemented ModulesHasan Hüseyin ÖktenTurkey
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056PaperWavelet Frames Associated with Linear Canonical Transform on SpectrumMohammad Younus BhatIndia
057PaperOn The Conharmonic Curvature Tensor Of Nearly Cosymplectic Manifolds With Generalized Tanaka-Webster Connection SpacesHatice Rabiya CavusogluTurkey
058PaperOn the uniformly convergent of spectral expansions of functions for problems with a spectral parameter in a boundary conditionTehran QasimovAzerbaijan
059PosterUpper Bounds on the Energy of Graphs in Terms of Matching NumberAbdullah AlazemiKuwait
060PaperBlow up of solutions for a system of plate equationsFatma EkinciTurkey
061PaperDecay of solutions for a quasilinear hyperbolic systemFatma EkinciTurkey
062PaperOn the basis property of eigenfunctions of a differential operator with integral boundary conditions in weighted Lebesgue spacesTelman GasymovAzerbaijan
063PaperOn Novel Generalization of Enriched Contraction Fixed Point Theorem via the Kirk's iterationWoraphak NithiarayaphaksThailand
064PaperToeplitz Sequence SpacesHarun POLATTurkey
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066PaperNew Oscillation Criteria for Damped Second-Order Linear Mixed Neutral Differential EquationsAdil KAYMAZTurkey
067PaperOscillation and Asymptotic Behavior of Third Order Nonlinear Dynamic Equations with Delayed and Advanced Arguments in Neutral TermOrhan ÖZDEMİRTurkey
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077PaperAn Efficient Numerical Method For Solving Parabolic Partial Differential EquationDilara ALTAN KOÇTurkey
078PaperSpectral Singularities of the Quadratic Pencil of Difference Operators with a General Boundary ConditionNimet COŞKUNTurkey
079PaperAlmost Anti-periodic Solution of Inertial Neural Networks model on Time ScalesNajeh TahriTunisia
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081PaperSome Types of Boundedness for the Fuzzy Soft SetsVildan ÇETKİNTurkey
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083PaperNonparametric Interval Estimation in the Stress-Strength ModelAyman BakliziQatar
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093PaperAn Interactive Illustration of Ideal Flow FieldEmin ÇiftçiTurkey
094PaperComparative Study of Ferrofluid Lubricated Double Layer Porous Squeeze Curved Annular Plates with Slip VelocityNiru PatelIndia
095PaperMathematical Simulation Models for Optimal Control of Plantain Moko DiseaseMarly Grajales AmorochoColombia
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0102PaperA New Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions and Its Some PropertiesHasan BayramTurkey
0103PaperRecent Results on α-Bernstein OperatorsFaruk ÖzgerTurkey
0104PaperN-Soliton Solutions of the Klein-Gordon Equation with Integral TermCihan SabazTurkey
0105PaperApplication of a New Family of Third-Order Convergence to Solve a Nonlinear Equations System for Analog Circuits Dhiabi FathiAlgeria
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0107Paperk-Order Fibonacci Polynomials on AES-Like Cryptology Süleyman AydınyüzTurkey
0108PaperInterior Schauder-Type Estimates for Higher-Order Elliptic Operators in Grand-Sobolev SpacesSabina SadigovaAzerbaijan
0109PaperA Study On Matrix Sequence of Generalized Third-Order Jacobsthal NumbersEvren Eyican PolatlıTurkey
0110PaperSome Notes on UC-ModelsÖzgür TaşdemirTurkey
0111PaperNew Smoothing-Type Algorithm for Solving System of Non-Linear InequalitiesAyşegül KayacanTurkey
0112PaperCurve Couples with Joint Frenet Planes in Galilean 3-SpaceEsma Demir ÇetinTurkey
0113PaperBlow-up and Decay of Solutions for a Delayed Timoshenko Equation with Variable-ExponentsHazal YüksekkayaTurkey
0114PaperNonexistence of Global Solutions for a Plate EquationHazal YüksekkayaTurkey
0115PaperThe Dynamical Scenarious of a Combination of Holling Type FunctionsArzu BilginTurkey
0116PaperApproximation by New Bivariate Positive Linear OperatorsÖvgü Gürel YılmazTurkey
0117PaperSome Results in the Theory of Quasilinear SpacesHacer BozkurtTurkey
0118PaperBiquasilinear Functionals on Quasilinear SpacesHacer BozkurtTurkey
0119PaperLacunary Invariant Summability and Lacunary Invariant Statistical Convergence of Order η for Double Set SequencesEsra GülleTurkey
0120PaperInvariant and Invariant Statistical Equivalence of Order β for Double Set SequencesEsra GülleTurkey
0121PaperAxisymmetric Bending Analysis of Circular Plates on Elastic FoundationAhmet KömeTurkey
0122PaperThe Simple Proof of Regularity of the Boundary Point with Respect to the Dirichlet Problem for Heat Equation in the Symmetric DomainsAbdurrahim GuliyevAzerbaijan
0123PaperOn Some Properties of the Riesz Potential in Grand-Lebesgue and Grand-Sobolev SpacesZaur KasumovAzerbaijan
0124PaperBivariate Finite Orthogonal Polynomials and Some PropertiesEsra Güldoğan LekesizTurkey
0125PosterAn Algorithm for Reconstructing the Sturm-Liouville Operator With a Spectral Parameter Square Including the Boundary ConditionNabiev IbrahimAzerbaijan
0126Paperα*-ψ-Contractive Multivalued Mapping on Extended b-Metric SpacesNayab AlamgirPakistan
0127PaperBlow-up Solutions of Mixed Problem for a Nonlinear One-Dimensional Wave Equation with Variable-Exponent Nonlinearities, Dynamical Transmission Condition and Boundary DampingAliev AkbarAzerbaijan
0128PaperThe Impact of Random Noise in the Death Rate of Prey for a Non-linear Model with HarvestingAytül GökçeTurkey
0129PaperOn ρ-Statistical Convergence of Sequences of FunctionNazlım Deniz AralTurkey
0130PaperEffect of Hartmann Number on MHD-Stokes Flow in a Lid-Driven CavityEbutalib Çelik Turkey
0131PaperDynamical Behaviour of Lotka-Volterra Predator Prey System Involving Refuge EffectSevval YildizTurkey
0132PaperConstruction of a sequence of eigenvalues and eigenelements of a two-parameter problem with compact self-adjoint operatorsEldar MammadovAzerbaijan
0133PaperSome Combinatorial Properties of a Certain Hybrid Number SequenceEmrah PolatlıTurkey
0134PaperSome Applications of Mellin and Hankel TransformsRamazan SubaşiTurkey
0135PaperOn Solvability of an Boundary Value Problem for Davis Linear Equation with Periodic and Integral ConditionMatlab SalimovAzerbaijan
0136PaperDifference Sets: An Application Over Twin PrimesTuğba Navdar GünayTurkey
0137PaperOn Exact Solutions of Fractional Differential EquationsMelih ÇınarTurkey
0138PaperAbout the Minkowski Difference of Squares on a PlaneJalolxon NuritdinovUzbekistan
0139PaperThe Non-Self-Adjoint Sturm-Liouville Operator with Discontinuity ConditionsÖzge AkçayTurkey
0140PaperEigenvalues of a Three-Dimensional Biharmonic Operator with a Singular PotentialEldar MustafayevAzerbaijan
0141PaperSome Convergence, Stability and Data Dependence Results for mathbit{K}^ast Iterative Algorithm of Quasi-strictly Contractive OperatorsRuken ÇelikTurkey
0142PaperOn the Stabilization of the Solutions for Nonlinear Fourth Order EquationElchin MamedovAzerbaijan
0143PaperOn the Adaptive Control Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization of Chaotic Systems in 3dFareh HannachiAlgeria
0144PaperA Note on Generalized Weighted Lorentz SpacesTuğçe Ünver YıldızCzech Republic
0145PaperA Numerical Scheme Based on Taylor Wavelets for Solving Fractional Differential EquationsMelih ÇınarTurkey
0146PaperOn Λ-Fractional Mechanics of Fractal StructuresKonstantinos LazopoulosGreece
0147PaperError Estimates of Spectral-Galerkin Method in Jacobi-Weighted Sobolev Spaces for Non-local BoundaryAbdeldjalil ChattouhAlgeria
0148PaperDynamics of COVID-19 Pandemic using Fractional DerivativesParvaiz Ahmad NaikChina
0149PaperOn Basis Properties of a Perturbed System of Cosines in Generalized Lebesgue SpacesMiran AleskerovAzerbaijan
0150PaperAn analogue of the Riesz theorem in Hardy-Morrey classesMiran AleskerovAzerbaijan
0151PaperA Price Adjustment Model in Market Equilibrium with Conformable Laplace MethodFuat UstaTurkey
0152PaperBabesiosis Disease Modeling of Fractional Order and Investigation of its DynamicsFuat UstaTurkey
0153PaperA Note on Decomposability TheoremsPınar AlbayrakTurkey
0154PaperBasis properties of perturbed system of exponents with piecewise linear phase in Morrey-type spacesTogrul MuradovAzerbaijan
0155PaperSimple Cryptanalysis on the Phony-RSA cryptosystemMuhammad DanialMalaysia
0156PaperExistence of a solution of the inverse problem for a second-order parabolic equationAynur HasanovaAzerbaijan
0157PaperOn frames of the form {varphi^n(t)}Aydin ShukurovAzerbaijan
0158PaperOn the Unboundedness of Littelwood-Paley $g*_{lambda}$ associaated with Bessel differential operator in L^2_{2alpha +1}(R^{n}_{+})} for lambda le alpha + 1Arash GhorbanalizadehIran
0159PaperA note on degenerate Hermite-based uni_ed Apostol-type polynomials and its certain propertiesWaseem A. KhanSaudi Arabia
0160PaperA Novel Decision-Making Method of Pythagorean Fuzzy Soft Sets with Heart Disease
Murat KirişçiTurkey
0161PaperThe Effect of Music on the Cognitive Development of Early Childhood Period: A Pythagorean
Fuzzy Set Approach
Murat KirişçiTurkey
0162PosterAn existence result for a semilinear nonuniformly elliptic equationCesaret QasimovAzerbaijan
0163PaperNew Families of Three-Variable Polynomials Coupled with Well-Known Polynomials and Numbers.Merzouk HindAlgeria
0164PaperOn convergence of spectral expansion in the eigenfunctions of a third-order ordinary differential operatorAkhundova Elnara BuxsayAzerbaijan
0165PaperSome equivalents for convergence of operator sequences in the weighted grand lebesgue spaceCemil KARAÇAMTurkey
0166PaperDifference Sequence Spaces Derived by Toeplitz TransformSaadettin AydınTurkey
0167PaperJensen Inequality and Its Applications for B-Convex FunctionsBurcu AvcıTurkey
0168PaperOn Rough I-Convergence and Rough I-Cauchy SequenceMukaddes ArslanTurkey
0169PaperQuasi-Exchange RingsTufan ÖzdinTurkey
0170PaperA New Approach To Fibonacci Tessarines With Fibonacci And Lucas number ComponentsFaik BabadağTurkey
0171PaperSome Approximation Results About Positive Linear OperatorsFaruk ÖzgerTurkey
0172PaperOn the Rough Hausdorff ConvergenceÖznur ÖlmezTurkey
0173PaperVariable-Coefficient Fractional Differential Equations and their SolutionsArran FernandezCyprus
0174PaperGlobal Existence and Exponential Decay of Solutions for a Higher-Order Parabolic Equation with Logarithmic NonlinearityTuğrul CömertTurkey
0175PaperBlow-up of Solutions for a Higher-Order Heat Equation with Logarithmic NonlinearityTuğrul CömertTurkey
0176PaperApproximation by Trigonometric Polynomials in the Variable Exponent Weighted Morrey SpacesZeynep ÇakırTurkey
0177PaperSome Fixed-Point Results with Application to a Nonlinear EquationSamet MaldarTurkey
0178PaperKinematics of Dual Transformations in Lorentzian and Galilean SpacesUğur ErcanTurkey
0179PaperSome Convergence Theorems in Fixed Point TheoryEsra KılıçTurkey
0180PaperModeling of variables affecting success with deep learning methodsİbrahim DemirTurkey
0181PaperA new family of generating functions of binary products of bivariate Mersenne and bivariate Mersenne Lucas polynomials with (p,q)-numbers at positive and negative indicesNabiha SabaAlgeria
0182PaperNovel Analytical and Approximate-Analytical Techniques for Solving Fractional Partial Differential EquationsMohammad K. A. KaabarMalaysia
0183PaperImage Encryption Algorithm Using Chaos and Generating FunctionsNoura LouzzaniAlgeria
0184PosterA new class of symmetric function of binary products of Bivariate Complex Fibonacci with orthogonal polynomialsAli BoussayoudAlgeria
0185PaperCertain results on a new family of Fubini-type polynomialsAbdulghani MuhyiYemen
0186PaperAn efficient hyperbolic kernel function yielding the best known iteration bounds for linear programmingImene TouilAlgeria
0187PosterNumerical procedure for fluid-structure interaction with a fixed point algorithmOthman YakhlefAlgeria
0188PaperE-exact Sequence and Some ResultsAbuzer GündüzTurkey
0189PaperU-exact Sequence and Some ResultsAbuzer Gündüz Turkey
0190PaperA New Family of Generating Functions of Some Numbers and PolynomialsSouhila BoughabaAlgeria
0191PaperLyapunov-type inequality for an anti-periodic fractional boundary value problem of the Riesz-Caputo derivativeŞuayip TopraksevenTurkey
0192PaperPositive solutions of fractional boundary value problems for a combined Caputo fractional differential equationŞuayip TopraksevenTurkey
0193PaperMinimizing Total Completion Time for Stochastic FlowshopsAli AllahverdiKuwait
0194PaperOn an Approach for Discretization of KT SystemMurat TurhanTurkey
0195PaperMaximal commutators in the local "complementary" generalized variable exponent Morrey spacesXayyam A. BadalovAzerbaijan
0196PaperWeighted Hardy operators in local generalized Orlicz-Morrey spacesZuleyxa O. AzizovaAzerbaijan
0197PaperSingular operators in the local "complementary" generalized variable exponent Morrey spaces on unbounded setsCanay AykolTurkey
0198PaperSome spectral properties of the diffusion operator with a spectral parameter in the boundary conditionGuldane MammedzadehAzerbaijan
0199PaperReconstruction of the characteristic function of the boundary value problem of the Dirac operator in the form of an infinite productAbid FerzullazadehAzerbaijan
0200Papers-Supplemented ModulesBerna KoşarTurkey
0201PaperEvaluating Lie mappings on some algebrasAmir Hossein MokhtariIran
0202PaperCompact embeddings for variable exponent Sobolev and
Lebesgue spaces
Amiran GogatishviliCzech Republic
0203PaperA note on f-CLS -modulesYeliz KaraTurkey
0204PaperSolvability problems of elliptic equations in non-standard function spacesBilal BilalovAzerbaijan
0205PaperDouble phase and generalized Orlicz models for image restorationPeter Alexander Hasto Finland
0206PaperNorm-based robust solutions in vector optimizationMajid Soleimani-damanehIran
0207PaperOn the Sobolev stability of the L² projectionLars DieningGermany
0208PaperNecessary conditions for two-weight, weak-type inequalities for linear and multi-linear Calderon-Zygmund singular integral operatorsDavid Cruz-UribeUSA
0209PaperOn existence of positive solution for a class of nonuniformly elliptic equation
Farman MamedovAzerbaijan
0210PaperOn physical and geometrical meaning of the fractional operators: a point of viewDumitru BaleanuTurkey
0211PaperFourth order pq-LaplacianJan LangUSA
0212PaperElliptic and Parabolic Systems with VMO Coefficients in Generalized Morrey SpacesLyoubomira SOFTOVA PALAGACHEVAItaly
0213PaperFormalization of Information Theory in Higher-Order Logic Theorem ProvingSofiene TaharCanada